Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews and the Benefits of the Supplement

green coffee bean extract reviews

Many green coffee bean extract reviews all over the internet and printed media reveals everything about its benefits.

These reviews are useful because people can make informed and confident decisions pertaining to purchasing green coffee bean extract supplements or whether to use this to help you lose weight.

Remember that in investing in your health, it is important to have all the facts. That’s why when reading about green coffee bean extract reviews make sure that the review is backed up by hard research and scientific evidence pertaining to the supplement.

Green Coffee Bean Extracts versus Coffee and Caffeine

Simply put, green coffee beans are coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. Any heat process applied to green coffee beans reduces or destroys the chlorogenic acid, the component responsible for health benefits such as preventing diabetes, heart disease, and of course, helping in weight loss. Thus, green coffee beans have a higher level of chlorogenic acid.

The supplements that come from green coffee beans are more concentrated and therefore, become a more beneficial component. The concentration is even more effective compared to drinking coffee. Caffeine and the small amount of chlorogenic in coffee is still good as an antioxidant and for weight loss, but the benefits of green coffee beans are even more.

Other coffee drinks and coffee bean supplements being touted as weight loss “miracles” are simply ‘speed’ forms of supplements containing caffeine and ephedra that wind up users, cause jitters, and increase heart rates.

The Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extracts

Green coffee bean extract is not a stimulant. The weight loss and fat loss benefits are from an entirely different mechanism. According to research, chlorogenic acids from green coffee bean extract promotes the burning of fat and glucose in the liver, speed up metabolism, inhibit fat absorption, and slows down the release of glucose into the blood after eating. When glucose release is slowed, it cannot develop more fat, so your body has to burn stored fat from the body for energy. Likewise, chlorogenic acid binds itself unto fat compounds so they simply pass through without being absorbed, stopping the absorption of calories.

The Studies

In a unique study using mice, some were given pure chlorogenic acid while some were given chlorogenic acid extracted from green coffee beans. While both groups of mice did lose weight, the greater weight loss was produced by the green coffee bean extract.

In two other studies conducted, one by the famous Dr. Oz, overweight and obese people were asked to sign up. They were divided into two groups: one group was given placebos and the other group was given the green coffee bean extract. The group given the extract lost an average of 11 pounds. Both groups were asked to keep food journals and not to change anything in their diet.

Green coffee beans not only help you lose weight naturally, but it can make you feel stronger. However, it’s not a product that can help free testosterone in your body, you need a product like ageless male.